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Would I Lie To You?

I am becoming a regular visitor to the ‘Good Twin’ blog where Josh writes some very funny posts. One of his most recent was about the Tooth Fairy and how disappointed his son had been when the said magical creature … Continue reading

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What Did You Say?

I read a newspaper article recently that was suggesting that the average teenager has a vocabulary of overĀ 40,000 words but they use only 800 on a daily basis. I was surprised with this as when my two boys were teenagers … Continue reading

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Who Switched The Light Off?

Have you ever read something that starts your mind wandering and then you invariably end up thinking about something completely different and wondering how you got there? (If, at this point, you say no then I possibly need to start … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up I Want To Be Like Mommy!

I was sent this picture in an email today and felt that it was worth sharing! This was a drawing made by a young child and brought into school and given to the teacher. You can imagine the thoughts that … Continue reading

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Where Are You?

There was an article in the paper recently where Coventry City Council had put up one of those street maps with a large arrow showing you where you are. Unfortunately the arrow was in the wrong place and instead of … Continue reading

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Slow Thoughts

Carrying on the slow theme I found some great quotes which I have included with some of Ann’s great photos. “Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, … Continue reading

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Slow Down

I’ve had a somewhat hectic day. This is unlike me as, since I retired a year ago, I have been diligently developing a new regime of ‘slow’. (I’m sure that colleagues that I worked with would say that was my … Continue reading

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