My Man Bag

I wonder if I’m getting more ‘with it’ as I get older? I doubt it! Especially if I go around using terms like ‘with it’. But, two years ago, if someone had suggested I use a man bag I would probably have laughed at the idea, while at the same time instantly dismissing it.

Why on earth would I need a man’s equivalent of a handbag? I had perfectly good jacket pockets in which to put my phone and iPod Touch, my wallet could go in my back pocket, my keys in my trouser pocket …… and anything else I could carry. Simple! How wrong I’ve been for all those years.

I’ve been using my man bag for the last 6 months and am now wondering how I coped without it. Everything that I might need is now conveniently stored and easily carried around – my noteboook, iPod Touch, phone, MiFi, camera, keys, wallet …….. to name just a few of the items.  In fact this morning while I was out with Ann she couldn’t find a tissue in her handbag …. I quickly came to the rescue. She had a wry smile on her lips as I rummaged around in my bag – I can’t think why?

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7 Responses to My Man Bag

  1. Jane says:

    Mike, your final comment proved that you’re not ‘with it’! You see, man bag or women bag, if you have tissues in it, that demonstrates you’re of the more mature generation! Or maybe it’s just me – when I was a new Mum and used to indulge in ‘Mummy’ activities such as ‘Jo Jingles’ and ‘Mums and Tots’, I never had tissues on me (maybe my baby was a rare breed that never had a runny nose?!) but I always felt like I wasn’t a ‘proper Mum’ as I used to be tissue-less in my bag!
    The next question is – are you going to purchase another one so you can mix and match with your outfit?!

    • Mike says:

      Hi Jane. ‘Mix & Match’ – now there’s an idea!
      I have thought of getting a posh leather one that my new iPad (when I get it) will fit into.

  2. Joanne says:

    Ha, Jane that comment about lack of tissues in your mum bag made me laugh, as did this blog. Jane, once Mike has an array of colours in his man bags, we will give him Marjorie’s contact for bag inserts. Marjorie has found a web site that provides inserts for handbags, so that all of your things can go into the insert. Therefore when we need to change colours of our bags to match outfits, we simply lift the insert out and replace it in a different bag (that way we don’t forget any essential items, like tissues!!!)

    • Mike says:

      Hi Joanne. Less of a problem for me as I have a limited array of outfits – my present bag seems to complement them all at the moment!

  3. Farzana says:

    I do like your “man bag” Mike but this post has really made me laugh! I’d like to see you model it, next time I see you.

  4. Mike says:

    Do I note a slight giggle behind this comment Farzana?
    I will definitely have it with me (‘modelling’ it seems a step too far!) next time we meet …….. and that will be when?

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