Am I A Writer?

I’ve been having one of those moments of self-doubt. I spent an enjoyable morning reading through some great blog posts (see my blogroll) and reading a writing magazine. This had some great articles in from how to overcome writers block to interviews with authors who, having got their book or books published, were now telling you how to do it. In between I looked at various competitions on offer, thinking I ought to go in for all of them, to a variety of adverts offering online, at home, writing courses, and I felt that I needed to sign up to every one.

It was then that the questions seemed to take over. “Was I a writer?”, “Did I want to be a writer?”, “Why did I want to be a writer?”, “What is a writer?”. At this point my head was hurting. I had too many questions and not enough answers. I do see myself as a writer though to date I have had nothing published, haven’t started the novel that’s ‘been in my head for years’ and  haven’t won any writing competitions. In essence that’s my problem, I probably see ‘being a writer’ as being someone who has been published or won a literary competition.

I have decided to be more positive about what I am doing and not dwell on what I haven’t done. I’m enjoying writing this blog and am getting into the habit of writing daily. A number of people are visiting it and some posting comments. It is those comments that help to motivate me to write more. I am also going to enter one of those short story competitions that I read about this morning. Wish me luck.

Ruth Rendell once said, “I get a lot of letters from people.  They say “I want to be a writer.  What should I do?”  I tell them to stop writing to me and to get on with it.”

So back to the title of this post – “Am I a writer?” – yes I am!

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2 Responses to Am I A Writer?

  1. Jane says:

    Good luck Mike!

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