When I Grow Up I Want To Be Like Mommy!

I was sent this picture in an email today and felt that it was worth sharing! This was a drawing made by a young child and brought into school and given to the teacher. You can imagine the thoughts that went through that teachers head. It is amazing just what secrets young children like to share with their class teachers – many of them quite embarrassing secrets. The good teacher smiles at the child, tells her what a great drawing it is but doesn’t delve too much into the details. The picture is then the centre of conversation in the staffroom and will probably centre around comments like, “I would never have put Mrs. X down as a pole dancer!” or “I wonder what Mr X does?” to the more catty remarks such as, “With a figure like hers I’m surprised she gets much work.”

That evening Mrs X is somewhat surprised when her daughter’s teacher discreetly gives her a large brown envelope and a knowing smile. The next day the teacher receives a note from Mrs X:

Dear Teacher
I think I need to throw some light on my daughters drawing that you so kindly returned to me yesterday. It is not a picture of me ‘pole dancing’.
I work at B&Q and had commented to my daughter how much money we had made during the recent snow storms. This is her picture of me selling a shovel.
Yours sincerely
Mrs. X

Sometimes all is not what it appears!

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