Just Say That Again – Slowly!

I want to say a big thank you to Julie for replying to my recent post ‘What Did You Say?’. Her reply was in text speak and looked like this –


Even with the help of the internet it took me a while to interpret. What she said was ……. no, on second thoughts, work it out for yourself! I wondered what it would be like if this post, or at least part of it, was written in this new foreign language. Well foreign to me, but quite normal to many others, especially teenagers.

I thort Id try ritN dis blog n txt spk. B4u gt 2 xcited n tnk dat ive learnt a nu lang I cheated n uzd an en 2 lingo transl8R. itz amazn wotU cn fnd on d www!

Apparently there has been a study recently that indicates that many teenagers are embarrassed by their parents use of text speak. It seems that the most common text speak used by parents are LOL and BTW. The teenagers are fighting back by creating new terms or using more obscure references.

Another study suggests that text speak develops language skills in our children.  According to this study ‘textism’ (I didn’t even know there was such a word!) is a valuable form of contact with written English for many children which enables them to practice reading and spelling on a daily basis. Put more simply – ‘accrdng 2 dis stdy textism isa valuable 4m of cntct W ritN en 4mne kids wich enables em 2 prctic readN n sp on a daily basis.” At this point I have to confess that I am losing the will to live!

Then, when I thought that things couldn’t get any sillier I red about ‘Blackberry Thumb’ – this is a form of repetitive strain injury you can get from excessive use of the thumb while pressing keys on mobile devices. The recovery process for ‘Blackberry Thumb’ can be lengthy and in some extreme cases surgery may be needed. This consists of a tendon transfer whereby one of the bones at the base of the thumb is removed and a coiled tendon is put in its place as a cushion.

At this point can I just say – IOH 2 GAB BFN

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One Response to Just Say That Again – Slowly!

  1. julie b says:

    Hi Mike. Your post got me thinking about my step dad. He used to work in the signals in the 70’s when morse code was commonly used. Isn’t todays texting, like morse code just an efficient way of using the technology of the day to communicate quickly? Actually, I’ve realised that’s perhaps flawed as it’s probably quicker for me to pick up the phone and speak rather than text the message! although it does leave a “written” record of your message I suppose. Any way back to my step dad…he can speak whole conversations in morse code which is not only utterly amazing but also hilarious to hear. Having said that he has to speak to himself as the rest of us cant understand it! I’ m sure he’ll demo should your paths cross. “Dot” is actually spoken as “dih” and “dash” is spoken as “dah” but if any letter ends in “dot” that one’s sounded as “dit” not “dih”, I think. See, it’s easy!
    So … . . / -.– — ..- / … — — -. or dih dih dit /dit/ dit/dah dih dah dah/dah dah dah/ dih dih dah/dih dih dit/dah dah dah/dah dit. OK?
    I was going to translate “enjoy the rest of your holiday” into morse speak but the above has taken me long enough so this will have to do – ENJY TH RST OF YR HLDY!

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