A Day At The Shops

I have thought long and hard about writing this post as it may come across as anti-women. Can I say from the outset that I like women! I spent all of my career working mainly with female teachers and support staff and they were tremendous. I think that women are good drivers – my wife is definitely a better driver than me. But ….. what is it with women and shops? I have just come back from a morning shopping with my wife – not my favourite activity, but bearable if only they would not let women into the buildings.

Let me give you some examples. As we travelled up the escalator there was a lady standing chatting to her friend who was about to come down. Consequently they both managed to block the way for others, amazingly they were oblivious to what they were doing. A polite “Excuse me” encouraged them to move just enough for you to squeeze by, but no more.

Then we get to the food section and things just went from bad to worse. I wish someone could explain to me why the ladies insist on searching the shelves while having their trolleys stuck out at right angles behind them making any sort of passing manoeuvre almost impossible. In the next aisle you find them double parked while they chat and it’s either a case of trying to squeeze past or turn around and take the long way round. Polite requests for them to move are either ignored or looked upon with quiet disdain. Their faces tell you that men shopping are such a nuisance. Or those who use their mobile phones to discuss every item of food that they look at, “I’m looking at the cheese now dear, is it cheddar or blue that you like?” I wouldn’t mind so much if the conversation was a quiet one but it never is. Then you get the female shoppers who just abandon their trolley in the middle of the aisle while they disappear to do goodness knows what.

The last straw for me this morning was when a young lady, with her trolley laden with food and child, began reversing, at speed, down the aisle towards me. She wasn’t looking behind her, there were no hand signals or flashing lights, just woman and trolley careering towards me – backwards. Enough was enough. I abandoned my trolley and ran for the safety of the exit. As I fled I heard a crash and an irate female voice shout, “Which stupid man left this trolley here!”

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