Airport Madness

They say you see all of life in an airport lounge, how true. I am presently at Heathrow watching the world go by. A guy has just sat down nearby, lifted a small lid in the centre of the walkway and plugged his laptop in. I’m just waiting to see who is the first person to either trip over the wire or break their ankle in the hole. This chap can’t be British or if he is he can’t heard of Health & Safety or litigation. I know I ought to say something but he’s a big bloke and looks a bit fierce!

As for parents and children – don’t get me started! There’s an Australian lady who is doing her very best to ignore her three children as they play tag in and out and under our chairs while shrieking at the tops of their voices. I pray to God that they are not on our flight! Now there’s a five year old clambering into the rubbish bin in front of me. Where’s his mum? I tried glaring but I seem to have lost the knack.

Someone has just fallen down the hole. Fierce man just glared and the victim apologised and hobbled off quickly.

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One Response to Airport Madness

  1. me2 says:

    your blog is very interesting. I just finished reading all the posts.
    write more 🙂

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