What’s So Special About Saturdays?

Day 2 of my ‘Five Day Challenge’ – I’ve always liked Saturdays, mainly because it’s the day that follows Friday. The working week finished yesterday and today is the time to relax and do, or not do, all the things that you have been planning all week. It’s the day when we promise ourselves we will start decorating the spare bedroom, or go and visit Aunt Lucy (who’s not been feeling so well recently.) It’s the day when you swore faithfully that you would take the kids to the zoo or take your wife out for a romantic meal. This is the Saturday when you were going to clean the car (inside and out) or mow the lawn. Today is definitely the day to fix the leaking gutter or help the next door neighbour put up that garden fence. These are all the things you keep for a Saturday because you don’t have time to do them during the week.

Of course, when Saturday finally arrives, you don’t do any of them. This is because Saturday is the day to do nothing. All those jobs that you were going to do will still be there tomorrow and with any luck you might get round to doing them next Saturday! But today, this Saturday is reserved for what Saturday’s were invented for –

  • The Lie In! Make sure the alarm goes off at the normal time – you wake and immediately think, “Oh no. It’s time to get up for work.” and then you realise it’s Saturday. You allow yourself a self-satisfying grin as you turn over and go back to sleep.
  • Shopping! This is not like ‘real shopping’. You are not going to allow yourself to be dragged off to the nearest supermarket to be at the mercy of those crazed women and their awful trolleys or to stand for hours in endless checkout queues. No, Saturday morning shopping involves going town for a leisurely coffee and cooked breakfast. OK. your wife might drag you round a few clothes shops but if you say the right things at the right time you will soon find yourself let off to browse your favourite bookshop for an hour or so.
  • The Saturday Newspaper! Today is the day when you can actually read it all. No quick glance at the headlines on the back page as you grab a slice of toast and dash out of the front door. Today you can read it, from cover to cover, (including the supplements and magazine) at your leisure and still have time to complete the Sudoku puzzle and try the crossword.
  • The Football Match! This is what Saturday is really about. If you are really lucky you will be joining your mates and going to watch a real match with, of course, the obligatory pint before the match, pie and chips at half time and another pint after the match to drown your sorrows. The good thing is that if you can’t get to a ‘real match’ there’s always the television – there is always a match on somewhere. If all else fails then you can take yourself down to your shed and spend the afternoon listening to a commentary on your radio.

As the day moves into the evening you might be under pressure to go out – not a good idea. If any of the football teams have lost then you will be feeling somewhat depressed and the last thing you need is company. It’s also been a busy day and you could do with a short sleep before Match of The Day starts. As for going out for a meal, well after that cooked breakfast, the pie and chips and those few beers, it might not be a great idea. Probably best to phone the local restaurant and order a take-away!

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