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My Favourite Christmas Book!

I like Christmas, I just wish it didn’t start sometime in October. The shops have been full of decorations and Christmas gifts for some while now, but you feel that as December approaches the next wave is beginning to hit … Continue reading

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I Want To Be A Writer.

Have you ever had one of those moments when the answer ‘No’ came from your lips when what you really wanted to say was ‘Yes’? Let me explain myself. It was a fairly normal Friday morning in my local coffee … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Snow!!

The snow is coming! You can almost taste the panic in the air as we worry about how we will cope. You would think we had never seen the stuff before. The weather forecasts are a mix of doom and … Continue reading

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Being A Good Parent Is Not Easy….Or Is It?

Parenting has never been easy. It’s not a skill that you learn at school but one that you develop over many years, not always getting it right first time. Much of what you do as a parent is based on … Continue reading

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Are You Reading Enough?

We live in an age where we are overloaded with information. In his excellent book called ‘The Shallows – How the internet is changing the way we think, read and remember’ Nicholas Carr suggests that we are spending less time … Continue reading

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Where Do Our Thoughts Come From?

Where do our thoughts come from? We are often led to believe that many of the great ideas of the past have come as flashes of inspiration. We have the picture of Archimedes leaping from his bath shouting ‘Eureka’ when … Continue reading

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The Thoughts Of Jane And Albus

I’m grateful to my good friend Jane for inspiring me to write this post. She recently wrote an excellent comment to an earlier post of mine called ‘So What’s Stopping You?’ and in her reply she quoted Albus Dumbledore. For … Continue reading

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