It’s Day 5 And I Can’t Think Of A Theme!

Day 5 of my ‘Five Day Challenge’ – When I wrote the first of this mini series of posts I couldn’t think of a title for day 5 so came up with this one in the hope that by day 5 inspiration would have struck – it hasn’t! I have therefore decided to share a problem, that I presently have, with you. I need a new ‘man bag’! I wrote about my ‘man bag’ back in August and since then it has become an essential part of my daily attire. It has, however, been getting heavier and heavier, bulkier and bulkier as I include all of the essentials that I’m going to need on my walk or leisurely visit to the coffee shop. This includes, amongst other things, a couple of notebooks, a camera, my new iPod Touch, a few spare pens ………. But this is not my problem. The dilemma I have is that my new iPad wont fit in!

At this point I need to just point out that ‘my new iPad that I haven’t got yet, wont fit in’. I’m getting a free iPad, allegedly! I signed up for the Handheld Learning Conference 2011 and one of the incentives to registering early was the promise of a free iPad. Apparently we will be receiving these any time soon. In anticipation I have bought myself a new iPad case called a Dodocase, made in San Francisco. That’s arrived and is beautiful but empty! This long-winded explanation is leading me back to my ‘man bag’ problem. The new iPad case wont fit in and so I need a new bag.

You would think that this would be fairly straight forward, but it isn’t, try as I might I can’t find a new bag. Finding one that the new iPad will fit in is easy enough but I have added some other requirements. It needs to be leather of a certain style and quality (what style and quality I don’t know until I see it), it needs to be just big enough for the iPad and all the other things I need to carry around, but not too big (my present one is heavy enough and I’m not getting any younger!) When I find it I will let you know.

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