Here Comes The Snow!!

The snow is coming! You can almost taste the panic in the air as we worry about how we will cope. You would think we had never seen the stuff before. The weather forecasts are a mix of doom and gloom with constant warnings about how cold it’s going to get, with night temperatures falling as low as -4 degrees centigrade. Other countries must watch us with a mixture of amusement and disbelieve! It’s late November and it’s getting colder – why does that surprise us so much?

The weather forecast on the radio this morning had a severe weather warning for the North and North East with the threat of snow in the low-lying areas getting as deep as 2-5 cm (in old money that’s a possibility of 1-2 inches of snow) it won’t even cover your shoes! Of course, in the end, it doesn’t really matter how much warning we have, or how cold it gets, or how much snow actually falls, we still won’t cope – we never do. But it will give us lots to talk about, whatever else you might say about the British we are experts in taking about the weather.

As I sat having a coffee I saw people coming out of the next door hardware store with brightly covered plastic sledges and large, snow plough shaped shovels. I panicked, quickly finished my coffee and joined the queue. I get the last snow plough shaped shovel, the person in front of me was clutching a bright pink plastic sledge and the person behind was coming to collect the two sledges she had earlier reserved by phone. The mood in the queue was jolly, that might have been because we felt smug due to our forethought in making sure we were prepared. As we walked out of the shop into the sunshine and bright blue, cloudless day, carrying our sledges and shovels, we could see other people looking worried. Maybe they hadn’t been listening to the weather forecasts.

Next stop the supermarket to stock up on candles, warm blankets, tinned fruit, beer …….. it could be a long winter. Maybe I should have bought a sledge to carry the supplies home in case the snow storm hits while I’m shopping. Have I got time to go back and get one ………

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4 Responses to Here Comes The Snow!!

  1. aquatom1968 says:

    Ha – Great post!
    It is true though… we aren’t really prepared for any weather are we? We grind to a halt when it’s windy or snowing, find it too warm in summer and the roads melt, we experience quite a lot of different weather systems – and we are still taken by surprise!
    I’ll be panic buying on Saturday. That’ll be fun! 🙂

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for your comments.
      I was chatting to the owner of the coffee shop again this morning and apparently the small hardware shop next door has sold over 70 plastic sledges and 50 snow shovels in the past two days.
      I’m glad I panic bought when I did.

  2. Trevor says:

    We’ve had a layer of snow but thankfully not enough to cause problems but with heavy snow forecast today, things may change.
    I enjoyed the vision of everyone queued up at the shop, it always amazes me that everyone seems so unprepared for winter in this country, we know it’s coming yet we always seem so surprised when it does.

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