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One of my most viewed posts recently has been ‘I Want To Be A Writer’ and I was lucky enough to get some great comments from fellow bloggers. It got me thinking about what I should do with some of the short stories that I have written or started to write. I remember how, as a young teacher (many years ago) I was always told that children need to have a purpose to their writing, they need to know who their audience is going to be. I didn’t always take this advice on board. I can remember having some great lessons, well prepared with plenty of ideas for the children and then wonder why the results were not always that wonderful, especially from the boys! Β In those days we used to put the ‘best’ stories on the wall thinking that everyone would read them, but they didn’t. The writer of that story would look and so might her friends. While others, mainly boys, would see it as the place that only ‘good’ stories went and as there’s wasn’t up there then they must be a bad story writer. The problem was that often the audience was just me, the teacher and that was not enough for those reluctant writers.

Today it is much easier for all writers, whatever their age, to have an audience. The Internet gives us this. One of the lessons that schools still need to learn is that the world in which the children live is no longer a passive one. Children today are, in many cases, expert producers and publishers. You only need to go onto YouTube or look at blogs that young children in primary schools are contributing to to realise that.

With that thought in my mind I have started another blog. This one is going to be used by me to ‘publish’ some of my writing so that I can have an audience to write for. The stories that you find there are – not always finished, work in progress, ideas that have been roaming around my head for ages and I have felt just needed to get out. I’m hoping that just by putting them on the blog will spur me on to do more. The first one, for example, is unfinished. Now that I have ‘published’ it I will need to think of an ending! Any thoughts or comments would be most welcome. I am grateful to Pen whose blog I have just discovered and am enjoying. Seeing how other writers freely share their work gave me the push I needed to do the same.

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7 Responses to Another Blog

  1. Trevor says:

    Good for you, I hope you get plenty of readers and subscribers.

    Simply by reading this post I’ve reorganised my blog a little so that I now have two more menu links. They are only category links but one leads to my poetry (not great poetry but it’s a process I enjoy) and one to the few short stories I’ve written and kept on file and now published to my blog.

    I’m off now to have a read of your story plus I’m going to take a look at Pens blog as well.

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks Trevor.
    Likewise going to have a look at your poetry.
    Something I’ve never tried – but I’ve just read a great book about writing poetry by Stephen Fry called The Ode Less Travelled – I might even give it a go.

  3. Trevor says:

    I’ve not read the book by Stephen Fry and I wouldn’t call my poetry anything other than expressing my current feelings or emotions on certain subjects.

    I personally don’t think my poetry is anything special but like I said, I simply enjoy the process. As I mentioned elsewhere my English teacher thought I had a talent for it though and it is something I’ve done most of my life. The internet gives me the opportunity to publish them, a bit vain perhaps but where would sites like Word Press be without people like us? πŸ™‚

  4. Renee says:

    Hi Mick –
    Thanks for sharing your writing on your new blog –
    I am now part of “your audience” – and will check in often, and maybe print some to take home for Katherine

    • Mike says:

      Hi Renee
      Thanks for dropping by. If Katherine is going to become a member of ‘my audience’ I’d better polish up on my writing skills.

  5. penpusherpen says:

    I missed this update, when I checked-in yesterday πŸ™‚ … Thank you kind sir…for the mention and the compliment… and I’ve just been reading your part one of Three Stars and A Minor Want… (and now I want the next chapter!!)
    I often wondered if people really had the time to stop and read a short story, and give it attention, and then like it enough to leave a comment… I thought not at first, then was pleasantly surprised by the re-action to the stories I’ve posted… I enjoy ‘putting pen to paper’ ( Pardon the Pun!!) …and letting my imagination go where it likes…cathartic I suppose… and like you I have the start of a few stories, which now need an airing and a continuance and ending… methinks!! Fun times ahead, and much scratching of the head too!! πŸ˜€ xPenx

  6. Mike says:

    I was very apprehensive about putting this story on my blog, mainly because I also thought that it was too long & wondered if anyone would read through to the end.
    Thanks for doing so and your kind words – I now need to work on the next chapter.

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