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A Lake View Story

I can’t believe that it’s 11 days since I last put a post on this blog! There have been a number of reasons which, on reflection, are really just excuses, so I won’t bother you with them. I’m presently in … Continue reading

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We Are The People We Have Been Waiting For

Why is it that some people are so afraid of technology and change? This morning I listened to Michael Gove, our Education Minister, and was totally disheartened by what he was saying. It would appear that he is an advocate … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Typical – I don’t post for a week and then I go and put two up in one day! This one is going to match the title of my blog and just be two random thoughts. If you can see … Continue reading

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The Future

I’m feeling really guilty – I have not blogged for a full week. You would therefore think that I must be bursting with things to write about – if only that were true. I have spent three days in London … Continue reading

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How Do You Buy A Book?

I’ve just been reading a great blog by Jennifer Neri who had posted about a book called ‘On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft’ by Stephen King. Having read the blog and the supportive comments, it made me want to … Continue reading

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Are You A Digital Immigrant Or A Digital Native?

I would describe myself as someone who finds technology both exciting and somewhat scary. I love my Apple Mac and my new iPad and would be lost without them. I’m useless with my mobile phone, either leaving it at home … Continue reading

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Wonder Fatigue

Have you ever noticed how the euphoria of the New Year never seems to last very long. Was it only the day before yesterday that people across the world were staying up late to party and welcome in a new … Continue reading

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