Where Do You Write?

Where do you write? Does it matter where you put pen to paper? Do you find that some places give you more inspiration than others? I share these questions with you because they have been ones that I have been pondering over lately. This is a picture of one of the places that I like to go to when I want some peace and quiet, some thinking time. It is my ‘Studio’ – I have friends who will insist on calling it a shed, which, of course, it is not! It is my pride and joy (I know, some people are easily pleased.) I could spend the rest of this post telling you how I built it myself from scratch, about its cedar wood shingle roof, it’s double glazed window and insulated walls and roof …..but I won’t. It is extremely cosy though, I have quite a few of my books in here, heating, lighting and internet access and, most importantly of all, a really comfortable armchair for me to sink into and think, read or write.

There are days when my wife will openly encourage me to ‘go down to my shed …. studio’ I think that this is usually a sign that I’m getting under her feet around the house and she needs some peace and quiet of her own. I rarely argue. Despite it being only at the bottom of the garden and close to a fairly busy road it is my oasis. Once I’m in there I could be anywhere, but most importantly I am unlikely to be interrupted. I can’t hear the door bell, I don’t take my mobile phone with me … so if anyone needs me they have to come looking for me and, I’m glad to say, they rarely do.

When I first built my studio I built in a desk – part of my grand plan that when I retired I was going to sit there and write. It didn’t work and at first I couldn’t think why. Then it struck me – it was the desk! I had spent 25 years as a primary school head teacher working at a ‘desk’ and here I was replicating my office in my studio. So a year ago I took out the desk and replaced it with a big, comfy armchair and a coffee table for the cups of tea and notebooks. It was the best thing that I ever did.

So it has not get the best view in the world, it doesn’t overlook the sea or some staggeringly beautiful landscape (not that my wife hasn’t created a lovely garden, I hasten to add) but it is mine. It is somewhere that I enjoy going to and hopefully will be the birth place of much more writing. What about you? Where do you love to go to when you want to think or write?

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7 Responses to Where Do You Write?

  1. Trevor says:

    Lucky you Mike, I wish I had a ‘studio’ into which I could escape but I’ve discovered when I want to write I can write almost anywhere, under any conditions. At one time I work in a toolshop (sharpening saws and drill bits etc) and I could still find a calm place in my mind and the words would pour out of me.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Trevor, thanks for your comments.
      I’m getting better at carrying a notebook with me a all times and writing in it whenever and wherever I am. I still find that I sometimes need to take myself away from people and be on my own to write and think.

  2. JennyD says:

    Mike, I have been still working on taxes but the bug to click on blogger took over and here I am looking at the most adorable studio I ever saw. Well, maybe I shouldn’t use the word adorable since you’re a guy, opps, but you know what I mean. It has personality! What I would love to see are inside photos, or just pop the door open and take a photo of the inside from the door 😀 Now I’m getting a real urge to build one for myself 🙂

    • Mike says:

      Hi Jenny.
      I hope your ‘tax duties’ will soon be over so that you can get back to blogging.
      It was my wife, Ann, who ‘dressed’ the outside of my ‘Studio’ – our garden is very much her domain and pride and joy and she wasn’t going to have me mess it up with a ‘shed’!!
      I will post some pictures of the tiny, but well formed, inside.

  3. penpusherpen says:

    a great looking ideas shed, Mike…..and you’ve made me ponder…I don’t know if I have a perfect place to dream up ideas and carry them onto Live Writer… except for my VR which I use to maybe place a few things which come to mind as I go about my day. Before I had this fantastic little aid to the memory, I used to sit and stare at a screen and wait for a line to enter my head, and work from there, sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. xPenx
    (VR – voice recorder, can’t remember If I already told you about it.. 😀 )

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Pen
    I’ve taken up your idea of the VR.
    I’m using my new iPod Touch which has a built in recorder. I’m using an app called Evernote which allows me to save these audio notes to the ‘cloud’ and then access them whenever and wherever I like.
    All a bit over the top I know – it’s the hidden geek inside of me trying to get out!

  5. SethPopowich says:

    ☆☆ I don’t have a studio either, quite envious too. I have a corner, not like the one I used to have to sit in while in school (minus the dunce hat) … this corner is where my computer desk & equipment stands waiting to be used: https://sethpopowich.wordpress.com/about-this-page/
    It’s really nothing fancy at all. But it does the trick. However, lately you will find me hanging out on my over-sized comfy couch with lap top. I use a folding tray at times, while hanging out in the basement family room in front of the TV. Combines my many great passions right there: TV, internet, and couch potatoe. ☆☆

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