The Art Of Blogging

Trying to maintain more than one blog is like juggling a number of plates in the air, you only need to take your eye of one of them for a short time and it comes crashing to the ground. Up to now I have been posting on three different blogs – 21st Century Learning (which I have just put into hibernation!), this one and Short Stories. That would all be fine if I wasn’t so vain!

My problem is that every day when I look at my blogs I do two things. First I check to see if I’ve had any comments and if so I try to comment back, secondly I check the stats! I like to keep an eye on the number of views that I’ve had in any one day. My problem is that I feel guilty when the views per day drop – it’s as if I’ve taken my eye of the spinning plate. In recent weeks I have been posting a lot of short stories on to my Short Stories blog and the views have been steadily rising. I’ve not posted on this blog for about a week and the views have plummeted.

The answer, I know, is obvious – if I want both blogs to be successful then I need to be posting on both on a regular basis. I wonder how often ‘regular’ should be? I thought that maybe a post a day would be ideal, but on reflection I wonder if this is too often? Is too often too much and possible likely to put readers off? I have decided that I’m going to try 3 or 4 posts a week on each blog and see how that goes. Wish me luck.

Finally a word about comments. I sometimes wonder why, if I’ve had 30+ views in a day, very few of these visitors add a comment. I know that the obvious answer is that people don’t comment because they don’t appreciate/like what I’ve posted. On the other hand I know people who read blogs, enjoy them but don’t comment because they are not sure what to say. I spoke to another new blogger recently who told me that she enjoyed the comments that she was getting but didn’t think she had to reply. Of course she doesn’t have to but I have found that it’s a great way to develop links and dialogue with other bloggers.



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17 Responses to The Art Of Blogging

  1. Well for me to maintain one site is difficult… 2 or 3 blogs is out of question… Problem is when you don post for a week or so, the stats fall… If i have an idea to write about anything in one blog, the other blog suffers n at the same time its not very easy to think of so many good posts at once to write in all the blogs… Would be nice if you r able to n its such a nice way to keep yourself occupied… Have a nice day…:)

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for your comments.
      You are so right – the key is to be able to think of enough ‘good posts’ to keep both of my blogs going.
      Once I think I am posting something just to keep to a target of so many posts a week is probably going to be the time to stop altogether.

  2. penpusherpen says:

    I agree with you Mike, I used to reply to any comment I received by going to the persons site and reading their ‘blog’ and commenting…which worked very well on WLS, but here I find I first ‘reply’ to the comment on my own site, and then travel round my ‘subs’ seeing who’s updated and returning favour type of thing…so twofold commenting… Plus as you also say, it gets you into the ‘groove’ of knowing, or getting to know, the person through steady dialogue… Time consuming, but enjoyable… xPenx

    • Mike says:

      Thanks Pen.
      You are right when you say it is time consuming but enjoyable.
      I’m also beginning to look forward to the ‘chats’ I am having with regular visitors like yourself.

      • penpusherpen says:

        I know, the direct ‘reply’ comes in handy, and gives you a feeling of contact and continuance, don’t you think? (glad you enjoyed my moral-ed tale by the way … šŸ˜‰ ) … I had to cut my previous comment short as I was late for a meeting… but now ‘I’m free’ and wanted to say that I used to post a blogs about three times a week, but now so long as I have some poems or maybe a shortie under my belt I just do it when I feel it’s right…but it does eat up so many ideas…. and I’m afraid my Blogspot site gets the short end of the stick…only now and again do I remember it … in passing!… What if my imagination dries up though? That’s the fear I always get as I sit and stare at Live Writer… xPenx

  3. Trevor says:

    Like you I keep 3 blogs, my main one on WP that I post to everyday (I seem to find something to say, I hope I don’t bore my viewers or readers). The other two are really for my personal pleasure and are at blogger, one is for all my poetry, it is a mix of poetry that I’ve posted on my main blog plus writing that for whatever reason I don’t think fits on my main blog. The other is for my short stories, again most are also published on my main blog but not all.

    Both the blogs at Blogger are specific and have no other writing on them and I don’t really link to them much although links can be found on my main blog if anyone is interested in looking them up. I only update these two on the 1st of each month.

    Like us all, I love getting comments and do try to reply to them all but that’s not always possible. I also check out everyone’s blog if they comment on mine and am always on the lookout for new and interesting bloggers to read.

    I know this all chews up my evening hours and often cuts into my book reading time but I do enjoy it immensely. I think WP is a very social way of blogging, much better than others I’ve tried.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Trevor.
      I have thought of putting all my ideas & stories, that is everything from the three blogs, on to just one blog, but I don’t think that this would work.
      I need different blogs to help me sort out my thinking.
      On this one it is very much, as the title says, just random thoughts – I’m never sure where they will come from.
      The short stories is much more specific and I use this as a way of sharing my stories – people who comment on this one tend to be other writers.

      • Trevor says:

        I understand why you keep it separate and although rarely comment on your short story blog, I often read it.
        I have thought about keeping everything separate, perhaps to entertain different audiences but I also think regular visitors to my main blog quite enjoy the variety but then, what do I know about anything šŸ˜‰

        All I do know is I could not write poetry/short stories at a set quota, say 1 a week, often they come from my rambling posts, or someone’s comment and a seed forms. We all have our own way of doing things though, at the end of the day it’s your choice. After all blogging is a sort of ‘vanity publishing’ so we may as well please ourselves about when and what we publish.

  4. Ah, yes – no matter what, we writers are a vain lot. I too must confess to fussing over the comments I receive and the number of site hits on any given day.
    I would not be able to run more than one blog. But I don’t think that means you can’t. I guess the best way to figure out a comfortable number of times to post a week is to experiment with it, but ultimately I believe that it should be somthing you feel happiest with.
    I believe that interacting with others by replying to replies and commenting on their blogs is half of what blogging is about. It builds up a great community and network amongst bloggers, and I have personally taken away a lot to think about and ways to improve my own work from such communication. And, in the case of your writing blog, Mike, I have been highly entertained too. All this at no cost other than a little bit of effort and that of the internet connection.
    Great topic here, and I enjoyed reading the others’ opinions too.

    • Mike says:

      It’s amazing how some posts can generate so much discussion. It’s great.
      When I put this post on earlier it was mainly because I was feeling guilty about not having posted something for a while and lo and behold it seems to have captured the imagination of a few people.
      I suppose it just goes to show what a great place a blog can be to have a good chat.
      Thanks for your contribution.

  5. aquatom1968 says:

    I have two blogs, my main one that I post on every day, about, well, anything really. I wanted to blog about my thoughts – as random as they are! – and apart from a couple of days that I didn’t post last year I’m managing that one. I’m even in the postaday2011 thingie, which seems to be going OK so far. My second blog hasn’t been launched yet, and the exciting thing is I have no idea what that one will be about… I just had the idea that I wanted another blog (well, I do have random thoughts, like I just said!)

    I appreciate the visits I receive, and the comments also. I love reading other people’s thoughts, and find this blogging malarkey ideal – I always find something to make me smile, think, or be inspired by.

    I probably don’t comment as often as I could do on other blogs, but that is something I am starting to put right… hence this comment (or additional blog post, it feels as though I’ve been typing all evening!)

    And good luck with your three or four posts a week… it can be done. Enjoy posting! šŸ˜€

    • Mike says:

      Many thanks for your words of encouragement.
      Thanks for mentioning the Postaday2011 idea that WordPress are doing I’d missed that. I’m certainly going to use it as a prompt for those days when the brain is empty. I see that they have a Twitter link so I can use that to get updates of the daily prompts.
      I look forward to your second blog.

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  7. Renee says:

    Ahh – I’m one of “them” that has been a recent frequent visitor to your shorts
    but have not been here for a while

    I find that one can get easily engrossed in the “social networking” of replying-and -replying to blogs …. which is time consuming and distracting
    when actually all I sometimes want is to read a short engaging story … and then move on.

    I am nervous about being consumed by the blogs … and yet enjoy (albeit guiltily) the daily check-ins

    wish you well with your blogs —

    ciao for now

  8. Seth@ChaosHQ's says:

    The heart of blogging is linking…linking and commenting. Connecting and communicating. It’s great! I just wish that I had more time to blog. I know I could post an entry once a week, but any more, would be difficult. I feel rushed and guilty over the fact that I don’t have the time to comment as often as I wish. I am not sure if people would want me to blog/write more frequently. Blogging is an art, same as any other method of self-expression. Some are better at it than others. šŸ™‚
    Just keep doing what you are doing… cause it works for you!! Good Luck!!

  9. Jane says:

    I found it really ineresting Mike that you think that the obvious reason why people don’t leave a comment is because they have not enjoyed or don’t like the content of your blog. That got me thinking; are we human beings pessimists by nature when it comes to being judged by others? nI my case, it is time. As you can see, I have commented – and guess what?? It’s holiday time!! Yippee! I often have a look what you are writing, yet do not always have the time to comment – or rather, I do have time, but I have to weigh up what I’m going to do with that time. Yes, I agree, it’s a juggling act!

  10. Raven says:

    Hello Mike,
    I came to you through the portal of Lady Pen’s Dragon’s Tale. Takes an organized person or at least a routine to find my way about this blog-o-spere. I am having fun slipping back and forth today!

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